Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

Hope you are all finding a way to put a little bit of Spring in the cold grey day! I was foolish enough to leave the house in a skirt and heels without tights, how naive of me! All these months of covering and layering blacks, greys and blues really pushes a gal to find some color so right now I am so obsessing over a new lot of bags we just got in. While it's not quite time to put away the wool just yet, there's nothing wrong with trading in your winter-worn tote with something a bit more fun!
I seriously went to bed last night thinking about this tote!

A little more subdued, I just love the woven fabric inset

Great little bucket bag-this shape always has such  a great way of looking relaxed but totally  chic.

We've got piles of awesome woven straw market totes just waiting in the wings!

Vintage Esprit cobalt blue messenger purse-this will easily become a new staple!

Hope you can brave the drizzly day and come visit these and so many more lovelies!

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