Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Lil' Half Pint!

So sassy! Size 8
Wow, this year sure has gone by quickly! I am so excited to be celebrating our first whole year-I've had the best time finding new treasures for the shop, planning for things to come, but most of all, meeting so many new friends! Our neighborhood has been so welcoming, the support I've received from other shop keeps has been incredible, and all of the familiar and new faces coming in every day really make my time here special. We'll be having a fun little party day on Saturday, April 14th, with cupcakes, ginger ale, and some bubbly. Also, 15% off store wide-and we have sooooo many cute new things! Trying to move into the Spring season a bit, I'll be pulling out some sandals and moccasins, and I'm just loving the lighter colored leather and shorter boots right now!
A gorgeous, American made satchel in the perfect brown to pair with Spring  floral prints. And the nice soft shoulder strap will let you hold multiple ice cream cones!

Perfect little wood heels and soft tops that can be folded over, size 9

Great little booties that will look great at the office, size 10.5

And a whole lot more, hope you can come by soon!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

Hope you are all finding a way to put a little bit of Spring in the cold grey day! I was foolish enough to leave the house in a skirt and heels without tights, how naive of me! All these months of covering and layering blacks, greys and blues really pushes a gal to find some color so right now I am so obsessing over a new lot of bags we just got in. While it's not quite time to put away the wool just yet, there's nothing wrong with trading in your winter-worn tote with something a bit more fun!
I seriously went to bed last night thinking about this tote!

A little more subdued, I just love the woven fabric inset

Great little bucket bag-this shape always has such  a great way of looking relaxed but totally  chic.

We've got piles of awesome woven straw market totes just waiting in the wings!

Vintage Esprit cobalt blue messenger purse-this will easily become a new staple!

Hope you can brave the drizzly day and come visit these and so many more lovelies!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Favorites!

Unloading a bunch of new boots for you all!
Bad ass Timberland boots-will get you through any endless winter! Women's size 9

The most beautiful shade of rust and the sweetest detailing. Women's size 7

AMAZING vintage Guess creamy white oxfords, I am really struggling with not keeping these for myself! Women's size 9

January will be so much better with these on your feet! Size 8

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