Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tiny Treasures

My entire life has been an exercise in organization. I pretty much figured out that I was doomed to be any thing but put together when I was in the 1st grade and my teacher made me skip recess to clean my desk because I kept loosing my home work. My papers resisted the binds of any Trapper Keeper, and any and all pencils quickly freed themselves from the sturdiest of dollar store pouches. Becoming and adult has changed none of that, except for the fact that my accessories are not brightly colored or decorated with animals. I'm a large purse kinda lady-mostly because I figure the more space I have, the more wallets, make up bags, coin purses, etc., I can use to keep my life in order. Yet, ask me for my phone, a lip gloss, or a quarter, and you'll suffer through me emptying out the entire contents of my bag because the exact thing I need is hidden away in the darkest, most crumb filled corner of my tote. Seriously-I just gathered up $2.64 in change from that little black hole; my coin purse didn't contain a penny of it. While my struggle may never end, there are always plenty of motivators-check out all of these little lovelies that arrived today!

Darling 1910s coin purse-just the right size for those emergency phone booth quarters you mother always tells you to keep.

Lovely variety of leathers, colors and sizes

Gorgeous 1930s  brass and enamel pill box-you could even just use it for mints for a bit of dramatic mystery.
Beautiful vintage Coach zip pouch with blue striped lining-you can be a total wreck and this will still make you feel great.

The best make up bag ever! This would make me even more obsessive about my lip balm just so I could take it out of my purse every 15 minutes.

Awesome green leather zip-around wallet...

complete with your brand-new (80+ year old) identity!
And lots more fun little things to help you fight the good fight!