Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bag full of cozy

Well, despite the GORGEOUS day (seriously, go outside, now!), you know that fall is here. It's time to put away your party clutches and mini satchels, the days of just needing some sun screen and lipstick are pretty much over. I absolutely love the start of this season, with foggy morning, unpredictable skies and crisp breezes, but it does call for some planning ahead. I also love big soft purses that are perfect for toting your scarf, sweater, tea mug, umbrella and depressing book that you mean to start reading as soon as the weather is dreary enough. Vintage purses seem especially well suited to this time of year, be it one with gorgeous woven detailing, a classic structured shape, or warm '70s brown tones. The shop is amazingly well stocked at the moment with bags of all sorts:
By far the prettiest backpack I have ever seen (and I've seen a ton). Thick suede leather with lovely embroidered detailing.

I am so in love with this tote-perfectly over-sized and slouchy, it's crazy mix of multi-pattern woven fabric, embossed pleather, and knock-off Birkin style makes for a LOT of look-I would totally pair this with my houndstooth coat just to give people a headache.

Francesco Biasia leather tote with wonderful woven leather detailing. Perfect for work, school or just looking important.

The perfect tote for a day of leaf collecting, and it easily holds a bottle of wine. C'mon, you gotta stay warm some how!

Fabulously over sized doctor bag in cognac brown embossed leather. The thick clips on the corner takes it from cranky grandma to edgy socialite.

Perfectly sized for day or night, this coated canvas speedy has a precious herringbone print, smooth tan leather trim and the most charming tag-line; ' "WHY" will be suitable for you, the active people of today'. Isn't that nice to know?!

Just because you missed Oktoberfest doesn't mean you can't continue to promote beer drinking.

I mean, come on, it's wearing a sweater!!!

These darlings and many more are waiting for you at Half Pint!

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