Thursday, June 9, 2011

All Aboard!

Sigh, isn't it just one of those most perfect days, ever? The kind that almost make you feel guilty you get to live in the Pac NW because generally, the worst thing we have to deal with is "Juneuary", while the rest of the country is (sadly, literally), burning up. Today is the kind of day that causes almost physical pain as you drive past the freeway exit signs pointing towards Ocean Beaches, Mt. Hood, and the airport on your way to your job. What's the point of summer when you can't get away with wearing the same pair of jeans 4 days in a row or  eat only cheese, bread and wine for lunch every day and no one has a problem with it? I have a pretty amazing road trip planned for the end of next month, but the endless waiting, along with the knowledge that the trip will  pass way too quickly, is giving me a bit of anxiety. I think it's time for some arm chair travelling. But first, you gotta (over)pack!
I don't get to travel (in the real world) nearly as much as I would like, so I've never had the need to get "grown up" luggage. Granted, my dream luggage is covered in animals-
this is only my 2nd reference to a Wes Anderson film in this blog. Don't worry, there is another one coming up.
I usually stick with super bright tote bags so I have easy access to all the chocolate and wasabi peas I require for any extended period of driving. Some day, when I am mature enough not to get food stains on all of my possessions, I will move on to a sleeker, sexier version of the good old tote. Something like this!

So, so buttery soft and totally sturdy, it can easily hold a few days of clothing and a pair of shoes.
And, it does tricks!

You can clip the bottom corner to the top and still have space for books and papers and other smart person ephemera!

For the more rugged traveler, nothing beats a classic canvas and leather trim backpack, or a sturdy, old school frame rucksack-

$40 for the frame pack, $28 for the canvas

If you vacation plans revolve around getting a sunburn in exotic locales such as the Sandy River and your parents back yard, all of these sweet bags are perfectly organized to hold your sunglasses, SPF, and at least a couple of beers-
Between $14-$18

For the gentleman of a particular taste, I promise that you don't have to use this only for tennis-
'80s Adidas bag, $32
And you will remind every girl who sees you of our universal crush-
Sorry, you'll have to supply your own hawk.
And, if you're stuck in town all summer and are feeling pretty bitter about it, well, at least all of these bags are large enough to hold a sweater to deal with the insane A.C. in your office-
Color, it makes you happy, right? RIGHT???

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